Be Free from OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD describes a condition where someone experiences obsessive thoughts or is driven by compulsive and repetitive activities. 

An obsession is unwanted and unpleasant thoughts, images or urges that repeatedly enters a person's mind, causing anxiety or unease. When obsessions, ruminating and repeated unhelpful rituals dominate your life, it’s time to seek help. 

You may have an official diagnosis of OCD or you may just recognise traits or are concerned about a growing problem you want to tackle now.

Resolving these issues means clients get their lives back: work performance improves, relationships flourish and social lives become enjoyable again.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is proven to resolve obsessive thinking and ruminating, and works either as a stand alone therapy or alongside other interventions. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy addresses what’s happening in the subconscious mind and helps sufferers to free themselves from this distressing and pervasive condition.

How does OCD affect people?

OCD, in varying degrees of severity, is very common. As daily lives in the modern world become ever more stressful, our brains struggle to adapt to the increasing demands and challenges we face.

When you have OCD, for every solution you see a problem and even seeking help can be a challenge.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is founded on the principle that for every problem there is a solution. To read more about the general neuroscience behind Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, see: Sense-Ability Blog Change Your Mind

Unwanted and instructive thoughts

If you struggle with unwanted and intrusive negative thoughts, find yourself checking the front door is locked over and over again, have repetitive habits that bring no relief to your anxiety, or have an obsession with germs and cleanliness, then every day is profoundly stressful. It’s likely daily life and relationships are impacted and you are restricting your activities.

When negative and obsessive thinking is repeated daily, it creates a template of embedded fear leading to, in extreme cases, struggling to leave home, problems at work, difficulty visiting friends, concerns over letting children play outside and so forth. The impact will be unique in every case. One of my clients, for example, had an obsession about germs, and washed his hands repeatedly until they were raw, another ruminated about what people thought of him and his performance at work and consequently developed a number of time-consuming rituals to feel safe before going into work every day.

One effect of OCD is the constant worry that something terrible is going to happen. It’s exhausting. Over time, family and friends struggle to understand or give support. The long term result can be social isolation and emotional torment.

How DOES Hypnotherapy help?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is proven to help sufferers resolve these challenges gently by steadily changing perceptions embedded in the subconscious mind, and breaking the pattern of negative or repetitive thinking, and catastrophising.

The roots of OCD are founded in our primitive mind. Our hunter-gatherer subconscious mind is primed to see the world from the worst possible point of view. It’s still primed to protect us from sabre-toothed tigers and warring tribes. It’s tries to do that by telling us to run, fight or hide 

In our modern times, our subconscious mind continues to try to protect us by obsessively trying to resolve things or order them. But these negative thoughts end up in our ‘stress bucket’ and obsessive thinking means the stress bucket over fills and we end up in a permanent state of stress and anxiety.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy aims to empty the stress bucket while steadily helping the client to develop a more relaxed and confident outlook to their life which, in turn, helps them to stop worrying and focus on the positive aspects of life as a whole. During the process, negative templates stored in the subconscious mind are changed or removed and replaced with new more helpful patterns of behaviour.

In our initial consultation, I explain how the brain works, how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be help and how we will work together to resolve your problem. I also provide a free relaxation CD or online recording following the consultation.

At the beginning of each session you are asked Solution Focused questions that move you to the solution focused part of the mind, and away from your problem focused anxious mind. Using scaling and detailed descriptions of your preferred future, in small steps, your mind starts to imagine a more secure and stable future.

And the imagination is the rehearsal room of the mind.

Hypnotic trance is natural. We go into trance several times a day- when we drive, watch television or walk the dog. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy induces the deeply relaxed trance state so that new, healthier subconscious patterns can be embedded.

By focusing the mind on more positive thinking prior to entering the trance state, clients are priming their subconscious mind to begin making positive changes. 


The number of sessions to resolve OCD can vary. It depends how long the condition has persisted and the intensity of the problem. We would discuss the number of sessions needed in the initial consultation. For longer term issues that require several sessions, I do offer discounts where cost is an issue.

If you don’t live in Oxford, you can find a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in your area please see the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapist or if you live or work near Headington, contact me for your initial consultation. See my Contact me or Book now page.

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