How do we work together?

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. It stores fears and anxieties that stop you moving forward in life.

Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time-Line Therapy™ and Solution Focused Coaching, you learn to identify what's holding you back from achieving your authentic needs and goals. We then work together to help you remove obstacles, negative states, phobias, depression and anxieties to help you set and achieve new goals and states of mind.

You can’t control the world, but you can change the way you react to it.

My training is underpinned by neuroscience. In your first consultation, I explain how the brain works, how anxiety, depression, phobias, fears and OCD are created, and explore where you want to be and how I might help you.


Many people who have seen stage hypnotists, imagine they will be made to bark like a dog, or quack like a duck. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a trained Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I can induce a deeply relaxed and receptive state to enable you to access your subconscious. You are, however, always in control and can bring yourself out of this relaxed state at any time. This state is like the trance you fall in to when you are driving, watching a great film or walking in the countryside. It is a natural, deeply restorative state.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy or SFBT was developed in the 1970s by Therapists who noticed that traditional psychotherapy was not always successful. Identifying the root of problems didn’t necessarily resolve them.

Thousands of hours of observing what worked in practice led to Solution Focused Therapy. By focusing on finding solutions and making incremental improvements towards where you would like to be - happy, stable, secure, resolved and content, or perhaps more specifically, in a steady relationship, running your business or in a different career.

SFBT focuses on Best Hopes and creating a Preferred Future. David Newtown of Clifton Hypnotherapy Practice Training combined SFBT with Hypnotherapy to create Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to create this powerful process for personal change.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a synthesis of cognitive and behavioural philosophies which focus on the information coming in through our neurology and the programmes we run in our heads that create our behaviours. By using language and visualisation techniques, Using simple but structured techniques that help 'rewire' your neural pathways, I can help you resolve negative states, anxiety and phobias, and help you determine and achieve your goals.

NLP uses the ability of the mind to  experience imaginative scenarios as real, which alters automatic negative responses and reprogrammes your subconscious for a healthier, more balanced and successful life.

The process is not intrusive; you are always in control. See: NLP academic papers

Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™ was developed to help people rid themselves of negatives states and emotional baggage using their own internal time line.

I guide you to elicit an internal time line where your past, present and future are mapped within your subconscious. Time Line™ Therapy helps you heal emotional traumas, eliminates unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours quickly. There is no need to disclose or re-experience negative experiences.

Discover emotional freedom. Be free from your past. Create your future.