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Jane Pendry, BA Hons (London), PGCE (Cantab), DSFH, HPD, NCFE, AfSFH, ABNLP, ABH



The initial consultation by phone, email, or via Skype, is free.

You can also book a session directly with The Wellbeing Clinic, 01865 751 111. The initial consultation at The Wellbeing Clinic is £15, discounted off the first payable sesson. This is to cover the cost of the room.

For further sessions I charge:

  • £60.00 per hour for all sessions held at the Wellbeing Clinic

  • £55 for sessions by Skype (Monday and Thursday)

  • £70 per hour for sessions held in your home if within the Oxford area

  • 2 hour session Stop Smoking £140

  • I offer concessions if you are a student, unemployed, on a low income or on benefits, or require over 6 sessions for a longer term issue.

Jane Pendry

The Wellbeing Clinic
1 Windmill Road
Oxford OX3 7BL


Wellbeing Clinic: 01865 751 111
Mobile: (07843) 813883