What my clients say


You have made more difference in 20 days than the NHS has in 5 years.
— Anon
The results do feel magical but were explained in an accessible and scientific way. Jane’s manner and approach with our daughter was just right – understanding and positive - with a focus on improvement. I would have no qualms recommending her.
— Mother of 16 year old girl
I would highly recommend Jane to anyone wanting to improve a skill or remove an emotional block. Jane’s approach puts you at ease. I was getting more nervous as my exams drew closer. With Jane’s guidance, my confidence improved just at the right time so I could concentrate with a clear mind, on answering the questions on the day of my exams.

This was the best decision. Thank you Jane for helping me pass my exams.
— Sarah C

I had a fear of driving alone. We had only one session of NLP and Hypnotherapy and next day I was able to drive alone to work, I felt amazing.

Jane made the experience very nice, relaxed and efficient.
— Natalia Cotorobai

I struggled to get in touch with positive feelings and emotions for a long time. Since working with Jane, she has helped me to feel less cut off from my experiences so that I am able to enjoy life more. I am gradually becoming more able to access positive emotions. Although this is a process that has taken time, I always leave our sessions feeling brighter and better equipped to face life.
— Natasha

I found the goal setting exercise a fascinating experience and it has changed my perception of this practice. Every time I read my goal out loud I can literally feel the emotions of the experience I’m reading, which for me is a new step as I am highly audio digital, logical and analytical and normally find getting in touch with my emotions difficult. Thank you so much Jane.
— Blair Humphreys

I found Jane really helpful. Her ability to tailor her approach to my needs really gave me confidence in what we could achieve together and during the hypnosis I felt deeply relaxed. It has really made a difference to my life.
— Tanya B